1) Security update: 

The primary feature of this release is switching to using SSL (HTTPS) for our live site (and development and staging sites). We are continuing to improve the security features of TMLC.  

What you will see:

  • In your browser address bar you will see the Thinking Maps, Inc. label.
  • In your browser address bar the URL itself will begin with https:// rather than http://
  • You may need to click the address bar to see the full URL, depending on the browser

Benefit is higher security:

  1. PII data will be encrypted at rest.
  2. User credentials (login IDs, passwords) will be encrypted in transit.

2) My Maps: Sharing enhancement

We've enhanced the sharing feature so that you may add multiple users to the sharing box vs one at a time.

3) School Administrators: Reset Student passwords

We've added the ability for School Administrators to reset/change student passwords.

4) Multiple bug fixes and performance enhancements as part of our Continuous Improvement process.