Drag and drop

Click (or tap) and drag exercises, folders, and subfolders to the desired folder. Currently you may move items:

  • (all devices) from the list on the right side to a folder on the left panel by clicking/tapping and dragging the icon or title of an exercise/folder
  • (non-touch devices only) within the left panel by clicking and dragging by the folder icon or title

Move dialog

To use the Move dialog to move a folder or exercise, look for the Move dialog icon in your My Maps page, beneath the folder or exercise that you want to move.

Click the icon to open the Move dialog window.

From within  the Move dialog select a folder to move the item to, or click the arrow to the right of a folder to view and open any corresponding sub-folders.

Locating a moved folder or exercise

If you lose track of where you moved a folder or exercise you can find it through a few different means.

1. Search bar: if you remember all or some of the title of your folder or exercise, enter it into the Search bar above the Modified column:

2. Sort by last Modified to see which folder or exercise was modified (today) or the last time you made any changes in My Maps. 

*Remember: folders are organized alphabetically in a group first, followed by exercises.

3. Click My Maps to go to the highest level so you can see all of your exercises and folders, then look from there.