The Shared with me folder, which is located by default below your My Maps main folder and above the Recent (default) folder, is the default folder for all Exercises that have been shared with you by another user. 

Some things to remember about the Shared with me default folder:

  • Shared with me only holds Exercises -- no folders
  • You cannot delete Exercises from here - you must reach out to the owner to have them unshare an exercise with you if you no longer need it.
  • You can make a copy of any exercise in this folder. 
    • copies are saved to My Maps - you may move the copy from there to the desired location
  • You cannot change the name of this default folder.
  • If you drag/drop an exercise from here to an actual folder, a copy will appear in the folder and the original remains in Shared with me.
    • Likewise, if you delete the copy from the folder, the original remains in Shared with me.


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