1) The primary feature of this release is the Folders feature in My Maps 

From your My Maps page you may now create, move, rename, delete, and multi-delete folders as well as search by folder titlesIf you are familiar with organizing files and folders in Google Drive, you will be able to quickly assimilate to the My Maps folder structure.

View this TMLC Knowledge Base article for an overview: My Maps | Folders Overview

NOTE: This is version 1 of this feature. To be included in upcoming versions of Folders:

  • In the next iteration we are planning to add a Move dialog feature -- (in version 1 you can drag and drop folders and exercises to new locations).
  • We are also working on adding browser Back button support for My Maps folders.
  • In a near future release we will be adding breadcrumbs at the top of your My Maps list to help you remember where you are as you navigate around numerous folders and subfolders.
  • Sharing folders will be included in a future release.
  • Submit your feedback about My Maps Folders at support.thinkingmaps.com -- we relish your feedback!

2) Resolved an issue that prevented uploads of large images to the Gallery.

3) Resolved some lingering bugs across TMLC.