From any map within an exercise, click Export Map/Exercise from the Map Builder menu.

The first thing that you should do is select whether you plan to export the current map you are working on, or the entire exercise at once.

Next you will need to select the format you wish to export to. See below for a list of all formats available:

Current Map

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • MS Word (docx)
  • GoogleDocument (GoogleDrive only)
  • PDF

Entire Exercise

  • PNG(zip)
  • JPEG(zip)
  • MS Word (docx)
  • GoogleDocument (GoogleDrive only)
  • PDF
  • TMM (TMLC file)

Note that for Entire Exercise the images will export as either a group of individual files (PNG/JPEG) or a single file with separate pages for each image. In the case of Writing Windows, Word/GoogleDocument exports will send this data as editable text so that it can be changed after the export occurs.

Now you will need to decide where to export this image(s). You can select Local Drive(default) or Google Drive. Note that you can export to GoogleDrive even if you are not already logged into Google, the system will simply ask for you login/password via Google's authentication.

The last thing you can choose to do is Show Header and Show Frame. Here the Header would include your name, exercise name, and map name. The Frame option allows you to turn the Frame of Reference on/off as needed.

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