COMMUNITY - for School Administrators:

  1. Security: no longer storing encryption keys in clear text such as config files.
  2. School Administrators may change all of their student passwords to one password if needed. Previously, School Administrators could only reset student passwords one at a time.
    • we will build functionality to bulk change student passwords to different passwords in a future release.


  1. NEW SHARING FEATURE: We added the first step towards alerting users when a new Exercise has been shared with them.
    • the number next to your Shared with Me folder has changed to ONLY show newly shared exercises. Previously the number was a total count of shared exercises.
    • the number will be red
    • when you open the Shared with Me folder, new shares will have a RED dot above the checkbox
    • once you have viewed the newly shared exercise, the dot will disappear and the number indicator will disappear
    • your Shared with Me list will no longer show the date modified.  You will now see the Shared On date
      • we can restore Modified date later if this is problematic - please send your feedback to
  2. Bug fix: Text handling issues have been resolved!  Text no longer sometimes flows outside of the map nodes when you open a previously created map.
  • NOTE: Adding text below images has changed a bit due to this fix in that the image will enlarge as you enter carriage returns in order to place the image caption/label below the image. Adding text below the image may not be possible if the image is quite large, which is the existing behavior.
  • Bug fix: Double Bubble similarities nodes can no longer overlap.
  • Bug fix: Map node height no longer grows each time the font style (Bold) is changed.
  • Bug fix: Resolved error that prevented exercise from loading if the exercise was opened from the homepage Map Builder widget.



Several bug fixes including:

  • Fixed Add Map issue that prevented users from moving the cropping tool after cropping an image and undoing the crop to try again.