MY MAPS     

  1. Feature: Added breadcrumb trail to allow users to see where the current folder or exercise is in relation to their My Maps hierarchy
  2. Feature: Enabled adjusting the width of the folder tree area (see image below)

  1. Bug fix: Significant performance improvement to dragging the Idea Generator on iPads
  2. Bug fix: Flow Map Stages with Substages are no longer allowed to overlap
  3. Bug fix: Bubble Map: resized center node can no longer overlap the Frame of Reference


1. Feature: Fit to Screen button, accessed via the Zoom panel
  • Users can turn feature on/off from the zoom dropdown menu
  • Map will fit to screen properly regardless of user's current location/zoom settings
  • If fit to screen feature is on, then adding or moving nodes to the map will automatically resize the map to fulfill the fit requirement
  • Users should still be able to add/edit/move nodes as expected when the feature is on
  • If feature is turned off then normal navigation and zoom of the map will continue
  • If user presses Undo after using the fit to screen option, the option will be turned back off and previous map settings will be invoked
  • Assumes the setting is per exercise, and not saved on exit

2. Bug fix: Fixed that annoying issue with the vertical scroll bar that engaged the Idea Generator if you tried to click the bottom part of the scroll bar



  • Resolved bug that caused users to be redirected to the LMS login screen if they had bookmarked a Training page, logged out, then used their bookmark to access Training.