Release Notes

You'll automatically see the the New Feature Tour popup boxes the next time you access Map Builder (for the new printing / page layout features). We will use the same type of tour for future customer facing feature releases.

  • To navigate through the tour, click Next
  • To exit the tour, but still see it later, click Later
  • To exit the tour and not see it again, click Got it!
  • To get more details, click the Learn More link


Added new features to significantly improve the printing of Map Builder maps as well as entire Map Builder exercises.

The first time you access Map Builder since this release, you will see a New Feature tour to quickly walk you through the new menu options and the feature dialog boxes.

Click here for more details:

Map Builder: Printing | Page Layout Mode | Exporting


New Report for TMLC School Administrators:

We've added an additional report for TMLC School Administrators that provides overall TMLC utilization data at the school level.

Click here for more details: TMLC Overall Usage Report

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