You may now break the share of an Exercise shared with you by another user.  In your My Maps page, just select one or multiple Exercises and click the Delete icon. A confirmation dialog window will appear just to make sure that you really want to break those shares.

In your My Maps page, you may now search for the names of individual Maps in any of your Exercises.  In fact, you may search all your Exercises for any WORD in any Map or Writing Window!

Bridge Map: we fixed that pesky bug that wasn’t allowing Select-All —> Delete to delete all the child nodes in one fell swoop. 

We changed the Map border and line weights across most of the Map types to align with the original designs (and to just make sense).  Root node borders or lines are heavier than child node borders or lines.  

We also made several enhancements to the Map Builder — and will continue to do so with every release.


Profile Page: We’ve gone minimalistic with the profile page for now.  We’ll make it all fancy + even more useful just as soon as we can.

Bugs, bugs, bugsBugs are pesky and we try to squash as many as possible with every release.  Sometimes we create bugs when we add new features and some have just been hanging around for awhile.  We squashed 20 bugs for this release.