• Fixed a critical bug that caused training (PD) accounts to not be created for training participants.
  • Resolved an issue that caused some users to get sent back to the login page after just logging in.  
  • Addressed some user behavior issues discovered during a school visit to observe student and teacher use of TMLC.
    • Users now are directed to their My Maps page once they copy a shared exercise in their Shared with Me folder.  Students were not understanding where to find the copy.
    • The map chooser now closes if a user clicks on another part of the Map window in Map Builder.  Students were not understanding how to close the Map chooser after creating a new Map in their exercise.
    • Resolved a cross platform issue that caused users to receive the pink “Whoops! Something went wrong” error when accessing Maps. Schools that use a shortcut on their website to get to TMLC were likely seeing this error. 
  • Added to and refined activities logging.
  • Resolved redirect and navigation issues.
  • Resolved part of an issue with the Sign in with Google feature (available only to specific schools).


  • Fixed a bug in the Print Entire Exercise feature that was causing blank pages to be printed.
  • Bridge Map: finally fixed a couple of pesky issues with border weights when printing and/or exporting to png.
  • Addressed a memory leak on the Maps server.  Made several changes, cleaned up server sessions, performed memory optimizations.  Will continue to monitor.