• Performance enhancement: Script bundling to prevent browser caching when changes occur.
  • Added guidelines around uploading images showing kids’ faces.
  • Ensured that Map image names appear when hovering over each image rather than the filename.


  • Added rename feature for Exercises on My Maps page.
  • Added highlighting to Search results in Exercise name, Map nodes, thumbnails, etc.

Bug fixes

  • TMTM: Removed Support widget text from print view of View Event.
  • Gallery: Fixed bug Add Map form.
  • Gallery: Resolved Frequent Error: The model item passed into the dictionary is of type 'System.Web.Mvc.HandleErrorInfo', but this dictionary requires a model item of type 'TM.Gallery.UI.Mvc.ViewModels.BaseViewModel’.
  • Map Builder: Resolved issue with Select All via Ctrl-A on MS Edge.
  • Map Builder: Resolved MS Edge and IE11 issue with node editing icons when zooming out or using Fit to Screen.
  • Map Builder: Resolved issue with nodes not highlighting while moving them.
  • My Maps: Resolved errors that occurred when moving a collapsed folder that has a sub-folder.
  • My Maps: Resolved issue where the top of the scroll bar is concealed behind the Support tab.
  • Map Builder: Resolved issue wherein the Copy Exercises option was not working properly inside Map Builder.
  • Community: Account Manager/User/Details/User activities in TMLC: Resolved sorting issue in Date/Time column.
  • TMTM: Resolved issue where user could not sign the Resources Agreement when they access Resources via the direct link in the automated email that’s sent to all new training participants of trainings that get Resources.
  • Community: Accounts Manager page (for Admins): Resolved an issue with the Reset Filter link.
  • Map Builder: Resolved issue in IE11 where a new Map couldn’t be added to the Exercise and old Maps were hidden.
  • Community: Resolved an issue that occurred when creating a Promotional account and using Bulk Uploader for Promo users.
  • Community: Addressed issue (partially) where expiration emails were being sent multiple times.