2017.8.18 - TMLC Release Notes


  • Ability for Support to bypass email validation without developer assistance

  • Audit Training Participants will not receive TMLC Welcome & Resource Emails

  • Text changes to Schools Manage page when no users exist


  • Large update to support Flow Map for WFBB - Detail nodes on flow map

    • Notification to user when starting a WFBB map that includes a Learn More link

    • Fixes related to testing of new map type

  • Drag & Drop multiple detail nodes (Tree Map & Flow Map for WFBB)

  • Logic updates for connectors (arrows)

    • Note that some small known issues will be fixed in subsequent sprint

  • Can drop Idea Generator on lower right to ‘discard’ node drop

  • Return Frame Text to original position when dropped on another node

  • Add exercise name to map sharing dialog header

Bug Fixes


  • Bulk Uploader fixes to support bypass email validation

  • Updates to Training widget to avoid incorrect 100% completion notification

  • Handle deprecated phone number style (missing dashes)


  • Some icons partially cut off in some browsers


  • Owner of comment can Edit/Delete their own comment

    • Note that this will delete the replies attached