Format Toolbar

The Format Dialog, allows users to easily make broad changes to the entire node including:

  • Text size, color, font
  • Border color and thickness
  • Background colors and images
  • Adding a hyperlink to a specific node

Each of these options is located conveniently inside the Format Dialog under its own heading.

Text Options

These options will allow you to change the follow:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Font
  • Font Settings (Bold, Italic, Underline)

The options you select here will override any options selected using the In Node Editor (below)

You can use the Recent Colors list to select colors that you've used elsewhere in the map.

You can also move the dialog to one place on the map and it will 'lock' itself there while selecting different nodes on the map

Fill Options

The options on this menu will allow you to change the color of the selected node(s)' background. 

You may also upload an image to the use as a background if you wish.

Note that these is a limitation of 1MB for each image.

Border Options

The border size or color may be changed using this option.

For many users it is convenient to first select multiple nodes, and then modify all their borders to match.


The final section of the Format Dialog allows users to add a hyperlink to a website or online resource to a node on the map.

You can use any valid URL; note that default is HTTPS.

In Node Editor

Our In Node Text Editor allows users to easily make changes to the basic formatting of individual characters inside a node. In this way you can change a single word, letter, or sentence to provide more meaning and more creativity to each map you create.

The editor will open any time you are typing in a node. The editor should always appear centered, just below the blue title bar.

You may make change before typing, or highlight specific text you wish to change.

Note that the editor allows for all the same options available in our Format Dialog.

Clicking away from the node will immediately save your changes, and allow you to see the finalized version. You can click back into the node again to edit further.

Note that you can always override your In Node changes by using the options in the Format Dialog (above).

Writing Window Editor

The Writing Window has its own built in editor which should allow most users to edit text as they need to complete almost any project.

The basic editing functions include:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Font
  • Font Settings (Bold, Italic, Underline)
  • Justification and indent
  • Add an image

Images can be added in many cases by simple highlighting an image from a website and clicking the Copy/Paste options built into your browser. 

However, you may also want to upload your own image, which can be done with the button seen here.