Submitting maps to Gallery is a great way to share your knowledge and experience with other Thinking Maps users. Adding maps is made easy, and with the help of our Thinking Maps experts you'll be sure that each map is verified as following all the necessary guidelines taught in our trainings.

Step 1. Visit the Map Gallery

Navigate to the Map Gallery via the widget on the community homepage OR the navigation bar at the top

Step 2. Click the Add Maps link

Click the Add Maps link to reach the map submission page. Take a moment to review the available options.

Step 3. Add a map to the page

You can add a map in most browsers using drag and drop OR you can click the Choose File button and select a map that way.

Make sure that the image size requirements are met as listed in the Submission Requirements.

Note that once the map has been uploaded, you can still rotate and crop the image as necessary.

Step 4.  Review the Submission Requirements

Make sure that your content conforms to all submission requirements noted on the page (listed again below)

  1. I have accurately described and provided any important information about the Thinking Map.
  2. I have reviewed the overview guidelines for each map in the Language for Learning Manual (Teacher's Guide, pages 24,30,36,42,48,54, 60 and 66).
  3. The Thinking Map is correctly drawn.
  4. The Thinking Map and the thought process are accurately matched.
  5. The Thinking Map is:
    • Legible
    • In focus
    • Right side up
    • No less than 120x80px (80x120px) and no more than 10MB.
  6. The Thinking Map does not display student(s)' faces.

Step 5. Complete all Required Fields

Be sure to approprate Map Types, Grade Level, and Subjects for your image.

Step 6. Confirm & Submit

Confirm that you feel your submission is complete & correct.

Click 'Add Map' and one of our experts will review the map

Within a few days you should be notified of the status of your map.

My Map was Accepted

Congratulations! Your map can be viewed and shared with others in the TMLC system continue the great work!

My Map was not Accepted

That's not a problem. Our experts are more than willing to work with you to correct whatever technical or content requirements were missing and allow you to resubmit with any updates.