TMLC Release Notes


  • Redesign TMLC Profile page

    • User specific data

    • Links to Resources & WT Courses when applicable

  • Move ‘Personal’ availability for consultants to ‘Unavailable’ type

  • Increase session timeout to 60 minutes

  • Update Schools DB

    • Preparation for Plan of Action integration


  • In Node Text Editor

  • Feature Introduction for In Node Text Editor

    • Active for 30 days

    • Only active for existing users

    • Learn More link to support site

  • Print/Export support for In Node Text Editor

  • Hide frame resize buttons when moving/resizing nodes

Bug Fixes


  • Fix breadcrumb on page when editing a School Admin


  • Correct Modified Flow connector wrapping issue introduced in sprint 48

  • Improve Frame Text handling on Modified Flow

  • Minor UI updates


  • Updated all modules for new Chrome compliance changes

  • Removed all written references to textbook pages

    • Used generic text to align with new/old books

  • Corrected several areas of misspellings

  • Minor UI corrections in a few modules