TMLC Release Notes


  • Plans of Action

    • Add filters to POA list
    • Update POA course list titles
    • Unlock POA for Sales Reps/Tier1 Consultants
  • DB changes for supporting TMI closed dates in TMTM
  • Convert emails to templates where applicable
  • Add filters to All Schools DB
  • Log more information for TMTM Activies
  • Add DB flag to Training Types for future reporting


  • Map Builder Customization
    • Allows user selected preferences for Font and Display settings
  • Unify Dialog window styling
    • Used default UI design for ALL pop-up windows across Maps application
    • Set color specific headers for all pop-ups
    • Updated font for all application text to use GothamBold per marketing specs

All Apps

  • Implemented Google Analytics
    • Implemented site-wide for better usage data tracking
    • Will also assist in tracking browser/OS usage and general navigation of the site

Bug Fixes


  • Training Widget

    • Fix 'What's Next' section to show unchecked data for incomplete courses

    • Fix carousel scrolling

    • Make sure completed courses update closer to real-time

  • Bulk Updater Performance Enhancements
    • Mostly surrounding Start Fresh - delete capability


  • Fixed underline causing dashes when user presses Enter key to create empty line

  • iOS: Getting Started videos not disappearing when user clicks away
  • WFBB: /detail nodes dropped in the middle of lists could cause error