To view a report of your school's detailed map data for TMLC, access the Reports menu from your TMLC School Administrator dashboard.

  • Select Online Training Details

From this page you will see a breakdown of map data for each user in the system

The data presented:

  • Provides an overall snapshot of each Teacher’s completion activity
  • Shows the number of Courses completedas 0 of 8; 1 of 8, etc.
    • There are eight (8) Courses. Each Course consists of 2 to 4 Modules
    • Does not show the number of Modules completed or viewed
  • Shows the Latest Module Completed by each Teacher
    • If all Modules within a Course are completed, this column will include the Course title
    • If zero Modules have been completed within a Course, this field will be blank
  • Provides the ability to export a Summary Report with overall completion data to an Excel file
  • Provides the ability to export a Module Report with detailed information for each user to an Excel file

From this page you can also:

  • View Current/Expired/Any licenses from the License Status filter
  • Export various reports from the blue Actions dropdown
  • View an individual user's data from the grey Actions dropdown next to that user

Note: To view an individual's completion data and print their certificate you will need to click the grey Actions dropdown for the row that user is in and select View Detail Report. For more information regarding Certificates of Completion, please review our article for this. (Link)