• Update Employee header menus

    • Reorganize menu system for all users for better support

    • Move options to same locations for all users and reorganize options into similar lists

  • Communication Engine - Phase 2

    • Sent Emails Log for separate logging of emails

    • Manually trigger user defined rules


  • Split Exercise and Map data in DB tables

    • Separate Exercise level data from Maps level data

    • Update system functions to support separate data locations

  • Allow Export to Word and Google Drive

    • Can export to word docx format as inserted images

    • Can export word document to Google Drive

    • Code updates to support further exporting in the future

  • Research Map Builder loading time - performance enhancements

  • Library Updates

Bug Fixes


  • Schools with only future licenses can’t open Details page

  • Error if same USS code generated twice

  • Correct Training Participant - Wisetail issue


  • Bug fixes completed as part of current feature testing