An Assignment Link can be created by any Non-Student user. The link can be used by both students and non-students to receive an individual copy of an exercise to work on. The assignment link can be disabled later to make sure that the assignment itself is not passed accidentally to other users.

Create an Assignment Link

To create an Assignment Link go to the Exercise you would like to assign and click the Assignments icon. In the Assignment Dialog you will see a button to Generate Assignment URL.

You can copy the link by highlighting it or by clicking the Copy to Clipboard button to the right of the URL.

You can also get a copy of the link from your Assignment Folder (see Organize Your Assignments for details)

Send the Link

You can send the link to your users in any manner that you wish (email, LMS, etc.). Any TMLC user can use this link to get a copy of the assignment. If a user is logged out, they will be asked to login first, and then be forwarded to the exercise upon successful login.

Organize Your Assignments

Your assignments will automatically be organized in two folders.

Assigned to Me

This folder will be available to all users (student and non-student). Any time you click and Assignment Link, the exercise will automatically enter into this folder. If the owner of the assignment deletes the exercise from their Assigned by Me folder, then your assignment will be removed.

Assigned by Me

This folder will be available to all Non-Student users. It will automatically sort all assignments you CREATE into folders by exercise name. You can control users' access to the assignment from here. At the end of the assignment/year you may also delete the assignment here to remove it from your student's Assignment folder as well.

Disable Assignment Link

At the end of an assignment you may wish to disable the link to prevent students from accessing it further. To do this simply click the Assignment icon for the original exercise. From the Assignment Dialog, simply click the checkbox for a particular assignment to enable/disable the link. 

NOTE: You should notice the icon update, and the URL should no longer allow highlight/copy. The assignment folder in Assigned by Me will also show a Disabled tag to let you know the link is no longer available to other users.

You can click the icon again to Re-Activate the link at any time.