• Send New Sale email to Sales Reps

    • Send email automatically so Billing doesn’t need to

  • Demo School Creation

    • Create Demo School based on real school

    • Anonymize data for demo school

    • Create Update path for usage data over time

  • New Sale Updates

    • Updates based on feedback from billing/support

  • Update CKEditor library


  • Update Sharing/Groups user entry fields so that cursor remains active after selecting user

  • Modify UI for Exercise Properties dropdown to include create/sharing/modified dates

  • Update CKEditor Library

Bug Fixes


  • Fix issue with editing existing users

  • Fix permanent delete issue with some user roles

  • Update breadcrumb for Activities page


  • Prevent Move/Copy into ‘Shared with Me’ via Move icon

  • Correct special character issue in breadcrumb (&)

  • Fix Getting Started Video - Pink error message on quick navigation

  • Find/Fix error in Flow for WFBB

    • Multiple drag and drop allowed inappropriate drop

  • Server logged javascript errors cause by assignment link


  • Fix autocomplete issue caused by Wisetail code library

  • 102A/B/C

    • (BC) Make textbook icon unclickable

    • (A) Correct feedback in Assess when incorrect answer given

    • (C) Teacher’s map not shown if user reveals map multiple times

    • (C) Text floats off the page during viewing

    • (A) Save as PDF should open color copy

    • (C) Assess 7 & 8 - Swap horizontal and vertical

  • 103B - Unnecessary back button in step 8 of Explore/Apply

  • 202A - Fix Chrome hang due to undefined variable errors

  • 303A - Answer variants disabled after user answered last question in Assess