In an effort to make TMLC a smooth experience for teachers and students we have introduced a Chrome Extension that can be installed on the Chrome web browser to link users directly to their school's dedicated login page.

Instructions for School & Individual User accounts:

1. Add the extension from this link

2. Once the extension is on your browser you can Right-click the button to find the options menu

3. The school's USS/School code should be added to the text field in the window (the USS code is the last part of the school's dedicated URL)

Example: For the USS code is tst1

4. Click Save (Note a green success message will appear)

Instructions for Training Participants and Promotional Users:

Add the extension from this link

Because you will not need a USS/School Code, simply click the button to reach our main TMLC login page and access your training or promotional account.

You're all set! Just click the button anytime you need to reach the login page. If you are already logged in the system will automatically redirect you to your landing page.

For IT personnel: The TMLC extension follows all the standards of a Chrome extension and can be released as part of a group policy with the USS Code described above as part of the release configuration.

Other Browsers: In the future we hope to extend this functionality to other browsers, however, this is currently only available for Chrome.