Note: Before attempting to use Google Classroom Assignments, please make sure that your School Administrator has completed the steps listed in this document

From your My Maps page, you can use the Actions menu (3 dots) and select Assignments.

In the pop-up dialog that appears, you may select the option to create a Google Classroom assignment, and then click the Google Classroom button that appears.

In the next window that appears, you will be presented with options for selecting your class and the type of item/assignment that you would like to make in Google Classroom. 

Note that in the following steps, the window and options available are controlled by Google.

In the next step, Google will ask you to fill in the Title, Instructions, and various other options that may be part of the assignment.

Note that any Due Date assigned here will be recognized by TMLC. When students attempt to click the link after this due date they will only be able to view a Read-Only version of the assignment.

After you have completed filling in the necessary information, click Assign at the top right of the page. You will then see one final option from Google Classroom. You may either open the Classroom application in another tab, or you can simply close this pop-up.

Once you have returned to the Thinking Maps pop-up, you will see a new listing in the Assignments dialog. This listing will let you know when an assignment was created from this Exercise, provide the Assignment link, and allow you to disable the link should you need to. (This will not remove the assignment from Google)

You can now also view your assignment folder from the My Assignments tab. You will see the Exercises created for students in this folder, and be able to review them at your convenience. Also note that the Actions menu for the assignment folder will provide you with a few options to support each assignment, and organize your assignments as the school year continues.


1. I can't find this option or only have the TMLC Assignment Link option, where can I find this?

This option is only available if a School Administrator has requested it. We would need a School Administrator to reach out to us at to activate this.

2. Can I still use TMLC Assignment Links instead?

Of course! Just note that Due Date information is only stored when the assignment is made via the Google Classroom button.

3. How does this work with Google Single Sign-On?

These two features can run independently. You may choose to use one, the other, or both as it best fits your current teaching environment. Just note that both Google Classroom and Google SSO will require that all users (students and teachers) use their district provided email addresses for their loginID.

4. Can I create multiple assignments from a single Exercise?

Yes! You can create as many assignment links as you would like. They can be divided in whatever ways that Google Classroom will support (by user, by class, etc.). We do suggest using the Rename option to better organize your assignment folders after they have been created.