The gallery details page is meant to provide the most information possible for each map in the gallery. Let's go through each part and see what options are available below.


Click one of the navigation buttons in the top bar to either return to the Map Gallery or Add Maps to the gallery that you have created.


Image Options

In the upper left corner of the page you'll see the options for downloading, sharing, or copying/cloning the map. You can also click on the image itself to get a larger view of the map.

Note: The clone option is only available for maps that were originally submitted through Map Builder.

Detail Information

Learn what is great about each map, the highlights for that map, and details about the information being conveyed. Each image has important details that should be review before implementing a similar map with your class. Who knows, perhaps an image will inspire you to create something on a new topic or idea of your own!

More Like This

Each map is unique, however, other maps in our gallery may be similar in one or more respects (focus, title, subject, etc.) 


Add comments (or replies) to provide your own feedback for a great image, and let other know how you plan to utilize the image in the classroom!