• Upgrade code libraries

  • Add reset option to filters for activities/error logs


  • Change cursor when hovering over correct drag location in slider

  • Force Bridge Map to stay in line with relating factor

  • Split DB data for Maps and Writing Window

  • Add better support for older iPad in My Maps

    • Loads subsets of exercises during scroll

  • Upgrade code libraries


  • Major UI changes

  • Additional View choices

  • Feature Introduction to support said changes

  • Changes to filter options

  • Addition of Favorites option

    • Also added Clone option to the 3 dots menu in the main gallery list

  • Upgrade to code libraries

Bug Fixes


  • Update security tokens for iOS12 support

  • Fixes for sort/search in Manage Accounts page

  • Correct issues with long titles for training topics/events

  • Fix search in Navigator backend


  • Various bug fixes for iPad layout support