Initial Setup

Canvas Integration in TMLC is setup such that each Teacher may complete the integration process at any time on their own without the need to request assistance from TMLC support or their own School/Dsitrict IT department in most cases. To complete the setup follow the steps below:

1. Login to your Canvas account

2. Navigate Account -> Setting

3. In the Approved Integrations Category, click to Create a New Access Token

4. Provide a Title/Purpose and Expiration Date and click Generate Token

5. Highlight and Copy the token that appears on the next screen

6. Navigate to and login if you have not already done so

7. Click on your name in the upper right corner

8. Click the Edit My Profile button 

9. Scroll to the bottom and paste your token into the Canvas Access Token field

10. Click the Save Changes button back at the top of the page

Once these steps have been completed you are ready to go with Canvas Assignments in TMLC!

Creating a Canvas Assignment

After completing the steps above to integrate TMLC with Canvas, you can then create assignment Exercises from any of your existing Exercises in our Maps application and send them directly to your Canvas Assignment lists.

1. To begin, login and go to your My Maps page in the maps application

2. Click the Assignments option in the Actions dropdown for a given Exercise

3. In the dialog that appears, select Canvas Assignment

4. Complete the required information (identified with an asterisk) and click Save

5. Once complete the system will take you back to the original dialog where you can create another Assignment from the same Exercise, or view the list of existing Assignments already created from the Exercise.

6. You can view the Assignment that was created from inside Canvas, make any changes you wish, and add it to any existing lesson plans you may have already started. Note that the link for the assignment will append to the end of any Description or Instruction provided in Step 4 of this process.

All student copies of the Exercise will appear in your My Assignments folder. You can disable to link to an assignment at any time from inside TMLC in the My Assignments folder or from the Exercise Assignment History (seen in step 5 above).