For many years the drag and drop method of building a map has been the standard, and is the default selection for many of our users.

As of October 2nd, any new accounts created in TMLC will, by default, be set to use our Click to Build interface. We have made this decision after receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers and participants since its release, and we hope that it will continue to provide the growth and flexibility needed by so many schools and teachers in a world of virtual learning and "bring your own device" BYOD learning.

What does this mean for me?

  • Any users who already exist in our system will be completely unaffected by this change

How will this affect new students and teachers?

  • Any new accounts created in TMLC will, by default, use the Click to Build design in Map Builder

Do we have to use Click to Build?

  • In most cases, users may switch between Build Modes by going to the Map Builder Customization (Green Gear icon) on the My Maps page
    • Note that School Administrators may have limited your ability to change modes

See below, a list of the buttons for each Map and what they will add to your map