Below is a short explanation of the availability, limitations, and requirements for various forms of Classlink support that TMLC currently offers. 

Classlink Rostering

Thinking Maps is proud to support automatic roster synchronization with Classlink. Through Classlink, schools can choose to sync their data automatically to the TMLC system, thereby eliminating the need for manual uploads or updates of student and faculty data. This is available to any client with a Whole School/Site implementation. This implementation will also allow for Classlink Single Sign in (see below) which allows students and teachers to use a single portal for authentication to TMLC and other school applications.

If the school you like to synchronize data without using Classlink SSO, please contact TMLC support to discuss setting a loginID standard format that you would like to use for your school during the sync process.

Classlink Single Sign in

Classlink SSO is available to schools who would like to use Classlink as a single source for authentication with TMLC. To utilize this, we ask that the school first complete the Clever Rostering process to keep school users synchronized with TMLC. Once the sync is complete we will also activate the SSO option, thereby requiring all users within the school to login via Classlink's authentication portal or launchpad.

For more information on either of these options, please feel free to contact TMLC support ( or using the Contact Us link at the top of this page.