Note: If your school uses Google or Clever SSO with TMLC, please make sure that you are using the correct password. You must reset this password through your school/district helpdesk.


Please have your Teacher contact Support  ( to reset your password.


1. First clear your cache to ensure that any stored urls are gone.  Also make sure you close any TMLC login screens you may have open.

2. Go to:

3. From the login screen, click the Forgot password? link below the Password field

4. Enter your login id (email address for TMLC) and click Reset Password

5. This is the message you should receive:

6. Check your email and click the link to reset your password.  This is the content of the email:

Greetings #LoginID:

 We heard you need a password reset.  

Click #Link


We'll redirect you to a secure page from which you may reset your password

(you may have to look behind the screen you are currently on to find this screen).



 If you didn't try to reset your password feel free to ignore this message.

 Thank you for choosing Thinking Maps!

 Have a question? Visit the TMLC Knowledge Base & Support site

7. You should be directed to this page (below).  If you do NOT see this page, please see if it is open in a tab or window behind the one you are looking at.  Do NOT click the link in the email again as you will receive an error because... (see above).

8. Enter new password and confirm.  This should direct you back to the Login screen where you may enter your email and new password.

If you have ANY issues or questions we are always happy to help.


To submit a Support request, click the +New link above (top, right)

or contact us at or call: 800-243-9169