What is an Exercise?

An Exercise is a container in which you may create and store several related maps and writing windows.  An Exercise can be a lesson plan or a project, for example.

You can share an Exercise of your own, which shares all the maps and the writing windows contained in the Exercise.

How to create a new Exercise

By default, the Maps application creates a new, empty Exercise when you do any of the following:

  • From the TMLC Home page, click the Build New Map button in the Map Builder widget  

  • In My Maps, click the CREATE button and choose Exercise


  • From the top navigation buttons in My Maps, click Maps / Build Maps


Performing any of the above actions triggers The Map Chooser to appear as shown here:

Name that Exercise

Once you select a map type and start building your map, you should add an Exercise name, description, and tags.  You may also add a name or number to each map within the Exercise.

Note that you can name the current map you are working on from the Exercise Properties dropdown as well as the Map Slider.


Naming each of your Exercises helps you quickly locate the one you need in your My Maps page.  Also, if you share an Exercise with a student or teacher, it will help them manage their My Maps page more easily.  

Return to your My Maps page

To exit the Map Builder and close the Exercise, click the home icon in the upper left of the tool bar.  You will land on your My Maps page where you will see your new exercise as the first one listed (below any folders you have created).



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