Courses and Modules

Each Course contains 2 to 4 Modules. For example, Course 102: Guiding Questions, contains Modules 102A, 102B, and 102C.  In order to enable completion for the Course, ALL Modules within the Course must be completed.  


Module Completion

You must allow the final screen of each Module to play to the very end before exiting in order to enable auto-completion of the Module.


  • Once the final screen is done playing, EXIT by clicking the X in the upper corner of the Module window.
  • A popup will appear informing you that you have completed the Module and the Module has been marked done as shown below. It is not *mandatory* that you see or click the Continue button in this window anymore -- we've automated this process.


  • Once all Modules in a Course are completed, the Course icon on the Training dashboard will show that all Modules are 100% completed:

Course Completion

  • At the Course level, the Mark Done button changes to green after all the Modules in the Course are completed.
  • Click the green Mark Done button for the Course if you want to see Course completion immediately.  
  • NOTE: Clicking the green Mark Done button is no longer mandatory - we have automated this step.  However, this process is not real-time so you will see the Course completion after a few hours.

  • A Course Complete popup will appear.  Click Continue.
  • Again, if you don't do this don't worry, this step is automated to show Course completion after a few hours.

  • On the Training dashboard, the Course icon will be faded and have a Done banner on it as shown below.
  • Again, if you don't click the green Mark Done button at the Course level, not to worry.  The process is automated to update every few hours.

  • Click the Course icon to see that the Course shows as completed on the Course details page:

Remember: Module and Course completion will appear in  TMLC reports the following day