Step 1: Login to TMLC with your School Administrator account

Step 2: Access your administrator pages by clicking the gears icon in the upper, right corner

Step 3: Click the Licenses tab, then the Export Users link in the Students row:

Step 4:  Find the exported file in your Downloads folder and open it ('Users registered within license Student...'.csv)

Step 5: Click the Change Logins link and download the bulk upload template ('Change Student LoginIDs.xlsx')

Step 6: From the exported file ('Users registered within license Student...'.csv), copy/paste the Last Name, First Name, and Login ID data to the bulk upload template ('Change Student LoginIDs.xlsx').  

  • Add the NEW Student LoginIDs to the New Login IDs column
  • SAVE

Step 7: Click the 'Choose File' button and select your newly saved file  ('Change Student LoginIDs.xlsx')

Step 8: Click 'Start'

  • If your change process was successful, you will receive this message:

  • If the process was not successful, you will receive an error message with a link to a file.  Click the link to download a file that will provide details about what went wrong.

If you have ANY issues or questions we are always happy to help.

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