Certificates of Completion are available (to School Administrators only) for printing, saving, and distributing to Teachers.

  • Login to TMLC with School Administrator credentials

  • Click the gear icon in the upper, right to access the Admin Dashboard
    • If you have access to administer multiple schools, ensure that you are viewing the correct school

  • Find Teachers who have completed Courses (must have all Modules within a Course completed)

  • Click the grey Actions dropdown for the user you wish to view

  • Course titles with this icon have a certificate ready to access -- click the word Completed:

  • You should see the appropriate certificate appear in PDF format.  For example:

  • Print and Save each certificate, then distribute accordingly!

If you have ANY issues or questions we are always happy to help.

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or, contact us at support@thinkingmaps.com or 1-800-243-9169