We want to ensure that emails sent from Thinking Maps, Inc. via TMLC and TMLC Support will reach you and your teachers.  Please have your school or district email administrator add the following to your Whitelist:

  • mx.google.com (primary mail server for Thinking Maps)
  • thinkingmaps.com (primary domain for Thinking Maps) or use a wildcard: *@thinkingmaps.com

  • freshdesk.com (Support host)
  • email.freshdesk.com (mail server for Support Emails)
  • mandrillapp.com  (mail server for Welcome emails and Reset Password emails)
    • ALSO, we recommend, especially for strict spam filters, configuring your spam filter or server to whitelist the most current IP addresses in Mandrill's SPF record:
    • Configure your domain to check for the most up-to-date IP information in the TXT record for spf.mandrillapp.com. On a Mac or Linux, this information can be obtained using the following command:
dig TXT spf.mandrillapp.com
    • This record will be updated whenever new IPs are added to Mandrill's sending IP range. If a receiving server is whitelisting the range, it's recommended they periodically check to ensure they have the current range used by Mandrill.

Please contact us at support@thinkingmaps.com with questions.