This feature allows for much improved flexibility in how TMLC users are registered.  

Benefits include:

  • Training participants' Maps and online PD histories are automatically retained when they are registered as teachers in a new school.
  • Administrators can now manage multiple schools with a single Login ID.
  • Promotional user accounts can seamlessly be converted to school teacher or administrator accounts.
  • Teachers who need to be able to share maps exercises with students and teachers in multiple schools may be added to each school with one Login ID (with paid licenses).
  • Teachers or School Administrators who move to different schools may be added to their new school without losing their Maps and online PD histories.

If you are an existing TMLC School Administrator (and/or Technology Facilitator) and need to administer multiple schools, please submit a request for assistance via our Support portal: New support ticket or call us at 1.800.243.9169.

Administrator of Multiple Schools

If you are assigned to administer more than one school, you may change the school that you want to administer by clicking the Change School link in the upper right. 

From this dialog you can select the school you wish to make changes to.

If you have ANY issues or questions we are always happy to help.


To submit a Support request, click the +New link above

or contact us at or  800-243-9169