After you've been using Map Builder and My Maps for a while, you may find yourself having a difficult time keeping track of all your Exercises. Fortunately, My Maps now offers several features to help you manage and organize them. 

Once in TMLC, navigate to your My Maps page (see below). From your My Maps page you may create, move, rename, delete, and multi-delete folders.

Main folder and Default folders

  • Your My Maps folder is your main folder.  It contains all folders and exercises owned by you as well as any exercises from Shared with me that you move here.
  • Shared with me is a default  folder that contains all exercises (no folders) shared with you but owned by another user.

  • Recent is another default folder showing the last 25 exercises that you modified in some way.  The actual exercises already exist under My Maps. 

Create Folders

Click, hover over, or tap the CREATE button to create a new folder (or exercise).  Your new folder will be created in the folder or sub-folder you are in at the time.  The exception is if you are in the default folders, Shared with me or Recent.  Folders or exercises created while in default folders will automatically be saved to your My Maps folder.  From there, you may move them to the desired location.

Move Folders & Exercises

Click (or tap) and drag exercises, folders, and subfolders to the desired folder. Currently you may move items:

  • (all devices) from the list on the right side to a folder on the left panel by clicking/tapping and dragging the icon or title of an exercise/folder
  • (non-touch devices only) within the left panel by clicking and dragging by the icon or title

In addition to being able to drag and drop folders and exercises to different locations, we've added a Move dialog to enhance the ability to move folders and exercises.  

Rename Folders

From the list on the right side of your My Maps page, click the Rename folder icon to edit a folder name. Edit the folder name in the popup dialog box that appears, then click the Rename button.

Delete Folders

You can delete a single folder just as you delete a single Exercise -- by clicking the Delete icon below the folder / exercise title.

  • Only empty folders may be deleted. If the Delete icon for a folder is inactive, open the folder to delete and/or move any subfolders and/or exercises first.

You can delete multiple folders just as you delete multiple exercises -- by checking the checkboxes to the left of each folder / exercise icon in the list.  Then clicking the Delete icon that appears at the top.
  • Only empty folders may be deleted. If the Delete icon that appears at the top of the list is not active, open the the non-empty folders to delete and/or move any subfolders and/or exercises first.


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