Below is a short explanation of the availability, limitations, and requirements for various forms of Google support that TMLC currently offers.

Chrome Extension

To assist students and staff in reaching our school dedicated login page, we've made a Google Extension that you (or your IT) can setup for your users to make the login page a one-click option on their Chrome browser. (More information here)

Google SSO 

For schools who utilize Google School or other G Suite products with their faculty and students, we've added a simple to use Single Sign-On process. The process is two step, and requires that all users are added to our system with their google loginIDs (emails). The second step will be to request for us to activate the Google SSO button on your school's dedicated login page. From that point forward all users can simply click the SSO button and login with their google credentials.

Google Classroom Assignments 

As you may know we have a new Assignment feature this year that allows teachers to create clickable links for their students to receive copies of an assignment. We have now integrated this feature into Google Classroom. This will allow the teachers to directly create assignments in Google Classroom from our application. If you are interested in this feature, the steps to set it up are similar to those for Google SSO, and will require a quick email to our support center.