As of June 1, 2015, schools were no longer required to use state issued student ID numbers as students' TMLC Login IDs.  

Student Login Requirements

TMLC Requirements

TMLC requires that all student login information conform to the following standards:

  • Student Login IDs may or may not be an email address
    • If the Login ID is not an email address then it MUST be at least 2 characters
  • Student Passwords have a minimum and maximum length
    • Minimum of 6 characters
    • Maximum of 16 characters
  • The same Login ID cannot be used for 2 active students at the same time
  • Students are required to login via their dedicated login page

Google Sign in Requirements

TMLC requires that all schools who intend to use our Google Sign in feature conform to the following:

  • Login IDs for Students and Teachers must be valid Google accounts for the school
  • Login IDs must be added to our system before the user may login
  • Administrator will need to request the Google Sign in feature to be active on their school's dedicated login page

For more information on adding students to schools click here: Creating Accounts for Students