Welcome to the Thinking Maps Learning Community (TMLC)!  We're glad you're here!


Please ask your Teacher for your school's: Dedicated Login URL, login ID, and password.  If your Teacher does not have this information, please have him/her contact Support (see below).  

School Administrators and Teachers

You will receive a Welcome email that includes login credentials to TMLC.  If you cannot find your Welcome email, first search for:

  • Subject: Getting Started with the Thinking Maps Learning Community 
  • From: no-reply@thinkingmaps.com 
  • If you still need assistance, please contact Support (info below)

  • Login credentials include your school's dedicated login URL for TMLC.  Please share this URL with Students along with their login id and password that your Technology Facilitator has assigned for them.

School Administrators of multiple schools (Multiple Licenses)

If you have been assigned to administer more than one school, your TMLC account will be added to each school.  You will receive a separate Welcome email for each school.  
  • The first school that we add your account to will be your default school.  When you login to TMLC and click the gears icon you will see your default school's name in the upper-right side of the purple bar.
  • You will also see a Change School link in the purple bar.
  • Once logged in, you will have to option to change your default school and the school you want to administer via the Change School link.
  • Click here for more information: Creating accounts for Teachers and Multiple Licenses Feature 

Teachers at multiple schools (Multiple Licenses)

Your TMLC user interface will not change if your account is added to two or more TMLC schools.

If you have ANY issues or questions we are always happy to help.

To submit a Support request, click the +New link above (top, right)
or contact us at support@thinkingmaps.com
 or call: 800-243-9169