Step 1: Login to TMLC

Step 2: Click one of these to access the Training application:


Step 3: Training Dashboard (Featured Content): 

FIRST: Review the screenshot below and finish reading this step-by-step guide

THEN: Select the Course you want to focus on and click the icon or title



Step 4: Review the Course Content page and select a Module:

The Course Content page contains a course-specific introductory video; links to each module page; and a link to the course categories page.  

  • Play and view the VIDEO at the top of the page
  • Click a module icon or title to access the launch link and supporting materials for a specific module.
  • You will return to this page to take each Module within a specific Course
  • You will return to this page to mark the Course done when you complete all Modules in a Course


Step 5:  Module Launch screen: Download the Module's supporting materials and Launch the Module:


Step 6:  Complete all screens in each section of the Module

  • IMPORTANT TIP: Be sure to keep the Module launch screen intact behind the Module screen -- you will need to see it when you complete the Module.  As tempting as it may be to multi-task, it is important to not navigate away from the launch screen (ie. don't click links on the launch screen while viewing the module).


  • ALSO:  If you are having trouble locating the navigation buttons at the bottom of your screen, try zooming out to between 75% and 90%.  The navigation buttons should now be visible.


Step 7: When you reach the last screen of the Module, allow the audio and/or video to complete playing.  Then EXIT by clicking the red exit button in the upper left (OR upper right) of the Module window.



Step 8: A popup dialog should appear instructing you to click the 'Continue with Course' button in the Module Complete popup window.  If you do not see this, don't worry.  Step 7 is what triggers completion for the module.


  • You will still be on the Module Launch Screen and should see that the Module is marked Completed.  Click the RETURN TO COURSE button to return to the Course Content page.

  • On the Course Content page you will now see that the Module icon has a 'Done' banner across the upper, left corner. 
  • Remember: this completion (and certificate) will appear in your Administrator's TMLC reports the *next* day.  

Step 9: Once you complete ALL Modules within a Course you may click the MARK DONE button to trigger full completion of the overall Course.

  1. On the Course Content page, you will see that every Module icon in the Course displays the 'Done' banner
  2. In the upper right you will see Your Course Progress at 100% Completed
  3. Below that you will see that the MARK DONE button is now Green
  4. Click the MARK DONE button to trigger full completion of the overall Course 

    (If you do not do this, don't worry -- it will be done automatically within 24 hours).

And finally, click the Continue button in the Course Complete popup shown below:


You are ready to select another Course or return to the TMLC home page to explore TMLC's other great applications.

Remember: Module and Course completion & certificates will appear in  TMLC reports the following day.  Contact your TMLC Administrator to obtain yours.

If you have ANY issues or questions we are always happy to help.

To submit a Support request, click this link (top of this page):

or, contact us at or call: 800-243-9169