*PLEASE NOTE* We have recently made major updates to our Online Training application. While we have updated the steps listed, not all images may be available. Rest assured we will have this article updated as soon as we can.

Step 1: Login to TMLC

Step 2: Click one of these to access the Training application:


Step 3: Training Dashboard (Course List): 

FIRST: Review the screenshot below and finish reading this step-by-step guide

THEN: Select the Course you want to focus on and click the icon or title



Step 4: Review the Course Content page and select a Module:

The Course page contains a course-specific introductory video, and links to each module page..  

  • Play and view the VIDEO at the top of the page
  • Click a module icon or title to access the launch link and supporting materials for a specific module.
  • You will return to this page to take each Module within a specific Course


Step 5:  Module Launch screen: Download the Module's supporting materials and Launch the Module:


Step 6:  Complete all screens in each section of the Module

  • IMPORTANT TIP: The module will load in the current window, and resize based on your browser. You may still need to scroll up/down to make sure the entire module is visible depending on your settings.


Step 7: When you reach the last screen of the Module, allow the audio and/or video to complete playing.  

Then EXIT by using the breadcrumb or top navigation bar to return to another page.

Step 8: When you return to the Course Content page, you will see a green Check Mark next to the module to indicate that it is completed, as well as a completion counter on the Training Dashboard.

  • Remember: This completion can be viewed by you on the Course page, in your Profile, and by the School Administrator in their Online Training Details report.  

Step 9: Once you complete ALL Modules within a Course the system will automatically consider the course as completed.

  1. On the Course Content page, you will see that every Module icon in the Course displays the green check mark.
  2. In the banner you will see a "View Certificate" button

And finally, from the Training Dashboard, you will see a completion tag for each of the Courses that you have completed all modules for


You are ready to select another Course or return to the TMLC home page to explore TMLC's other great applications.

Remember: Both you and your Administrators should see the same completion data and have access to your certificates.

If you have ANY issues or questions we are always happy to help.

To submit a Support request, click the "Contact Us" link (top of this page)

or, contact us at support@thinkingmaps.com or call: 800-243-9169